Pablo Allen

Center Director
  • Locations
    • Monteverde, Costa Rica


  • Pablo is a native Costa Rican, born and raised in San José. He is an an evolutionary ecologist interested in sexual selection, animal weapons, and phenotypic plasticity. Since rejoining CIEE in 2019, Pablo has become very interested in conservation and wildlife ecology (e.g. consequences of habitat fragmentation).

    He earned a BSc. and MSc. in Biology from the University of Costa Rica (2001 and 2007), and earned a PhD. in Entomology from the University of Florida in 2017. During his Ph.D. research, he conducted fieldwork in Florida, Panama, and the southwest desert of the United States. Pablo supervised many undergraduate researchers in the process. In between earning his MSc. and Ph.D., he worked for as a Teaching Assistant and Instructor for the CIEE Tropical Ecology and Conservation (TEC) program for 4 years.  As Academic Director/Center Director one of his goals was to improve the delivery of our courses through the implementation of more experiential approaches and learning-by-doing.