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Program Overview

Live in Spain as Spaniards do, in the country’s cultural heart of Madrid, the autonomous region of Castilla y León or Castilla-La Mancha. With five options, it’s easy to find a program that offers the ideal location and job profile.

Regardless of the program you select, you’ll enjoy a deep engagement with the Spanish culture and language. In your free time, enjoy some of Europe’s greatest cultural and historic treasures.

Teach abroad in Spain with CIEE, and you can:

  • Explore the metropolitan and rural treasures of one of Europe’s most beautiful regions
  • Bike through vineyards and fields of sunflowers in the heart of the Spanish countryside
  • Enjoy a meal at the world’s oldest continuously running restaurant, Madrid’s Casa Botín (1725), where the painter Francisco Goya worked as a waiter
  • Visit an architectural masterpiece, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, opened in 1211
  • See the windmills that inspired Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”

Understanding Your Options

With a variety of locations, requirements, and benefits, there’s a CIEE Teach in Spain program for everyone.

Teach in Spain – This core program places participants in the Community of Madrid for 10 months, teaching children or teens as a Language and Culture Assistant, and offers moderate compensation. It includes 4 nights of accommodation during orientation, as well as 5 additional nights of temporary housing afterwards to give you time to find your permanent housing. This program is designed for participants with intermediate proficiency in Spanish, but who haven’t had a lot of experience teaching or living abroad.

Teach in Spain – The Basics – If you already have experience living, working, or studying in Spain, have an advanced level of Spanish, and don’t need much orientation or housing assistance, The Basics program is right for you. This program also offers moderate compensation and includes 2 nights of housing during orientation. Similar to the core Teach in Spain program, you’ll be teaching children or teens as a Language and Culture Assistant in the Community of Madrid for 10 months.

Teach in Spain – Immersion – Great for those with low-intermediate to basic levels of Spanish who want to ramp up their abilities, this 10-month program includes your choice of 2 or 4 weeks of Spanish language instruction while you live with a local host family. Once you’ve completed your language courses, you’ll teach children or teens as a Language and Culture Assistant in the Community of Madrid. This program offers moderate compensation, 4 nights of accommodation during orientation, and temporary housing with a Spanish host family during your language-immersion courses.

Teach in Spain – Professional – Participants on this paid internship program teach English to business professionals in Madrid and enroll in a Corporate English Training certificate course. Temporary housing is provided for your first month.

Teach in Spain – Volunteer – With a duration of 3 months, this is our shortest program in Spain. Room and board with a Spanish family is included while you teach children or teens at a public school in the provinces of Castilla La Mancha or Castilla y León. Unlike our other Spain programs, which cap the participant age at 35, all ages are welcome to participate.


A rewarding job opportunity that includes:

  • Pre-departure placement at a public school in a pueblo or urban setting
  • Opportunities for personal Spanish language instruction
  • Opportunities to offer private tutoring
  • A monthly scholarship of €1,000 for all Language and Culture Assistant positions (€600 minimum for Professional program participants) with paid holidays, to cover living expenses and personal travel
  • For Volunteer programs, free lodging with a host family and two meals a day
  • For Teach in Spain Professional, personal interaction with business leaders

Teaching programs that deliver more, including:

  • Teaching and program guides to help you plan and prepare
  • An online, blended-learning CIEE course that prepares you with skills you’ll use in Spain and throughout your career
  • An in-country orientation for every program, with:
    • Workshops on teaching methodology, intercultural training, finding housing, transportation, health and safety, legal processes, and more
    • Cultural activities and networking opportunities
    • Airport transfers, accommodations, and most meals and activities during orientation

Assistance to make your journey easier, including:

  • Pre-departure guidance to help you:
    • Find the right program
    • Apply online for Teach Abroad
    • Complete official visa paperwork
    • Prepare for your experience with valuable professional development
  • 24-hour, in-country emergency services
  • iNext international insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services
  • A Lonely Planet guidebook to help you plan your travels


CIEE places participants in pueblo, urban, and rural areas in two of the most beautiful and vibrant regions in Spain, the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León.


Madrid is the heart of Spain. The capital city sits at the center of the Iberian Peninsula, and it’s known to set national trends. More than a rich cultural heritage site boasting world-renowned art museums, Madrid is a lively, artistic metropolis with a variety of food, tapas bars, dance shows, opera, concerts, parks, jazz clubs, soccer matches, ethnic neighborhoods, and contemporary theater and cinema performances – all ready for you to explore.

Castilla y León

Teach in Spain – Volunteer participants are placed in the region of Castilla y León. This stunning region of Spain is noted for its large plains, dramatic mountains, and evocative medieval towns. It is known as “The Land of the Castles.” In this region, you can visit cities like lively Salamanca or magical Segovia, famous for the fortress that inspired Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle. The gothic walls of Ávila have similar nostalgic appeal, while the lofty cathedrals of León and Burgos are among Europe’s most remarkable. This is the hidden Spain that most travelers never realize still exists.

Castilla-La Mancha

CIEE also places volunteers in the diverse region of Castilla-La Mancha. As the center of the Iberian Peninsula, Castilla-La Mancha is known for the magnificent monuments of Toledo, featuring architecture from the Moorish, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance periods. Toledo was also the hometown of the great painter, El Greco. The region is renowned for its beautiful vineyards, charming olive groves, and delicious Manchego cheese. Finally, many will know Castilla-La Mancha for Cervante’s, Don Quijoite and the “Man from La Mancha.”

Preparation and Support

You’ll see the CIEE difference in the quality of our offerings and the diversity of the cultural exchange opportunities we provide. Our unmatched preparation and comprehensive support are designed carefully to make your journey easy, enjoyable and successful.

Your CIEE program fee covers all the essential elements, including:

  • Your pre-departure teaching assignment
  • Assistance preparing for your trip
  • An in-country orientation program
  • Continued emergency assistance
  • iNext international insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services
  • Visa advice and help with legal processes once in Spain
  • A 4 week online pre-departure preparation course

Before you leave

We’ll make sure you have everything you need to teach abroad, from visa guidance to details about your job to sound advice on how to settle into your new teaching position.

Enrollment in a Teach Abroad program includes an online course designed to help you build a framework of practical, cultural, and professional skills. You also can call us with any questions – our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

All Teach in Spain participants travel and work legally in Spain. Participants of programs in the Community of Madrid (i.e., not Volunteer program) arrive on a student visa, and then convert it to a foreigner’s identity card that is valid through the duration of the program. Volunteer participants who stay for only three months do not need a visa to enter Spain. To get your visa, you’ll need to take a passport and several other documents to a Spanish consulate (there are eight in the United States). Upon arrival in Spain, CIEE staff members will explain how to apply for your legal stay in Spain.

When you arrive

CIEE understands that it can be overwhelming to land in an unfamiliar country with an extended stay ahead. You’ll have many questions. We’re here to help and make you feel welcome!

All participants take part in an orientation that introduces you to the practicalities of life in Spain, including Spanish customs and culture, as well as creative and practical ways to teach English in the Spanish classroom. During orientation, you'll:

  • Get to know CIEE staff members, building relationships with the people who are here to support you while you’re in Spain.
  • Meet your fellow CIEE teachers and make new friends – sharing your experiences can make your time in Spain even more rewarding
  • Prepare for your position with training exercises that serve to make you a more effective teacher

You'll meet new teachers, expand your network, share your wisdom, and have fun!


With the exception of the Volunteer program, all participants of programs in the Community of Madrid are responsible for finding their own permanent housing. We’ll help if you need assistance and we also offer guidance in your pre-departure webinar and also during orientation. CIEE gives you extensive information about each neighborhood in Madrid and its surrounding areas to help you decide where to live.

iNext travel insurance

There’s plenty to think about when you travel overseas. Peace of mind when you travel is priceless, and CIEE provides it by including insurance as part of every Teach Abroad program. U.S. resident participants are covered by iNext, which supplements your private insurance to cover the care for accidents and unplanned medical attention while abroad. The policy also offers emergency evacuation coverage with 24-hour worldwide assistance.

Learn more about iNext

TEFL certification

While not required for the Teach in Spain programs, CIEE TEFL courses are a terrific way to get ready for your teaching adventure! Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification gives you the skills, experience, and confidence that makes this journey even more rewarding, both for you and those you teach. Our cutting-edge coursework is conducted online, so you can participate from almost anywhere.

Accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission, our 150-hour TEFL certification course ensures that you:

  • Get feedback on your progress, along with fellow classmates in an interactive environment led by a single tutor
  • Develop an awareness of the field and practices of TEFL
  • Understand the components of English related to teaching of nonnative speakers
  • Can design lessons for TEFL students at a variety of levels
  • Can create appropriate lesson plans in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Practice your new skills with a 20-hour teaching practicum

CIEE 150-hour certification courses begin every two weeks.

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