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Global Navigator Scholarships

Navigating today’s interconnected world requires a range of global competencies – with intercultural awareness and communication skills at the top of the list. That’s why our study abroad programs focus on language proficiency, local interactions, and intentional reflection – in countries all over the world.

We seek to provide life-changing study abroad experiences to as many motivated students as possible. It’s a critical part of our overall mission: to encourage and prepare students to connect and communicate across cultures, and make a positive impact in today’s complex global/local society.

That’s where Global Navigator Scholarships come in. They make study abroad opportunities more accessible to more students, which in turn helps more and more students reap the immense benefits of these programs. Last but not least, they provide students like you with the chance to win a selective grant.

Global Navigator Scholarships are a prestigious honor that can help you stand out. More than just a one-time benefit, they add weight to your college applications, résumés for career opportunities, and other experiences to come.

Global Navigator Scholarships are awarded in two ways:

  • Merit scholarships: covering 10% of tuition costs (no financial information collected in application)
  • Scholarships based on a combination of merit and financial need: covering from 20 to 100% of tuition costs

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