Enhance your Teach Abroad Experience

Earn your TEFL Certification with CIEE

Although not always required, pairing a TEFL certification with your teach abroad program is a wise investment. With this valuable addition to your resume in hand, you gain a real advantage – especially for our more competitive programs. When you earn your TEFL certification with CIEE you will receive the convenience of having one provider and become a more effective and confident teacher, so both you and your students get more from your time in the classroom.

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Convenience of one provider

Instead of going through the trouble of finding the right TEFL course and teaching position, CIEE is conveniently able to place you in both. By having one provider, you can confidently meet all the requirements for your new role, and then some!

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Confidence in the classroom

Even if you’ve been an English speaker your whole life, teaching English as a foreign language is a completely different game. While in some cases, learning on the job is a possibility, CIEE’s TEFL course is designed to teach the future English teachers. The course will give you valuable knowledge not only on teaching the English language, but also on lesson planning, and managing a classroom. By investing time in learning to teach English before you leave, you’ll start your new job completely prepared and confident in your skills.

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It’s not just for your benefit

With everything involved in moving to a foreign country, it's easy to lose sight of one very important factor: your students. The job you’re being hired for is so much bigger than yourself! You’re going to have a huge impact on the lives of your students and  their education, so why not give them the best lessons possible? By choosing to become TEFL certified, you’re committing providing the best possible education to the ones who really matter.

CIEE TEFL Alumni Stats

  • 92%

    Classroom confidence

    Say that the CIEE TEFL course prepared them to teach in a classroom abroad

  • 85%

    Preferred package  

    Chose to pair their TEFL course with a CIEE Teach Abroad program 

  • 125%

    Higher satisfaction

    Reported higher satisfaction teaching abroad when they included a TEFL certification

TEFL Courses for Teaching Abroad


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    Our flagship TEFL course for teaching English abroad.

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    writing outdoors

    130-hour online TEFL course followed by 30 hours of age specialization training.

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    Venice, boats, sunrise

    130-hour online TEFL course followed by 60 hours of guided practicum abroad.

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