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When choosing CIEE as a program provider, you’re getting so much more than a teaching position. You’re getting helpful services and support that will ensure your experience teaching abroad is less stressful, and more life-changing, as it should be.

Pre-Departure Assistance & Visa Guidance

When preparing to move to another country for a year, there are quite a lot of planning and logistics often involved. These can include work permits, visas, and other lose ends. At, CIEE your program coordinator is there to help you during this process and will be there to instruct you on how to exactly get your visa and other paperwork needed so that no details are forgotten, or deadlines are missed. They’re also there to answer any questions you have regarding your programs, make adjustments into your new country, and address any other concerns you may have.

Like any job, placement is not always guaranteed. The steps you’re required to take in order to get a teaching position depends on the country and program. CIEE wants to make sure that you are applying for the program of your choice, but also want to make sure that you have the background and skills to get you the role. CIEE coordinators are also there to give instruction on how exactly to go about acquiring your job placement including tips for interviews and resumes that set you up for success.

Also included are the pre-departure courses which are designed to prepare you for your adjustment abroad. This online course includes everything from what kind of phone plan to have abroad, cultural expectations and insights into your future teaching role.

International Insurance

For each destination, a layer of international insurance is included in the program fee. This insurance is provided to offer you… assurance! In any case of medical emergency during your time abroad your treatment will be covered. This even includes if you left your home country on a weekend trip. We all know an emergency can happen anywhere at any time; life is unpredictable! But having emergency insurance can put you at ease so in the case something does happen, you have one less thing to worry about.

CIEE Orientation (or Weekend Retreat)

Orientation really starts months before you depart, with resources and webinars that are distributed online, so you know what to expect before departure. 

Most destinations include a multi-day orientation on arrival, where you will stay in a hotel and spend time with other teachers before you start teaching. South Korea has rolling arrival dates, making this impractical, so instead CIEE organizes an all-expenses paid Weekend Retreat in Seoul a few months into each semester. Either way, your CIEE program helps you meet your fellow participants and build your new social circle!

During these events, you’ll have the chance to learn your new home from local in-country CIEE staff. You’ll discuss adjusting to life in a new culture, all while doing fun activities to get you started on the right foot.

In-Country Support

The idea of moving alone to a new country may sound scary, but you won’t be completely alone. In each country there are local CIEE staff for 24-hour support for whatever you need.  Your program coordinators are there to get you to departure, but CIEE doesn’t abandon you after that. They will still be there to answer questions and provide all the resources they can to assure that your time teaching abroad goes as smoothly as possibly.

CIEE offers teach abroad programs to fit even those with less travel experience in order to make teaching abroad an opportunity that is open to as many people as possible. We know that moving abroad will be nerve-racking no matter what, but with so much assistance and support available, there’s isn’t much left to hold you back from experiencing teaching abroad for yourself!