The Thailand Visa Process: Practicing Deep Breathing

Authored by:
Claudia M.

Claudia M.

I applied to teach in Thailand over a year before my actual departure date. Because of this I expected to feel no rush or stress going through the placement, visa, and predeparture paperwork process. Unfortunately, I failed to factor in Thai Time into that equation. There was tears, there were yoga classes, there was yelling, there was more yoga classes, and then there were more tears. But, finally, there was a visa. I got on the plane, I arrived in Thailand and all was and is well.

 I am here to save you from all of that unneccessary pain! Trust me, you will be ok. It will all get done. I know it's confusing that no one else appears to be worried. I know it feels like there is not engough time and no possible way it will all be complete before your departure date. Mai bpen rai, it is ok!

Letting go of expectations is a struggle every foreigner abroad must work through. I was prepared to go without Target, English signage, and winter. i was prepared for daily difficulties and culture shock. I was not prepared, however, for the need to let go of the American expectation of urgency. There is no rush in Thailand and I am going to let you in on a secret; even without rush, the task gets done. You can be productive without feeling stressed. I know, it is a shocking revelation. One, I need to remind myself of almost daily as I feel my American culture mindset creeping back to me. 

Thailand loves paperwork. There is a lot before you get here and there is a lot when you get here. Applying for my Non-B meant multiple trips a day to the UPS store to make copies, print, and take more passport pictures. It was anoying and tedious. However, if you complete the steps and make the multiple copies of your transcripts, diplomas, letters, and pictures everything will get done and there is no need to worry. 

Once you get to Thailand your placement coordinator will take over the job of organizing your paperwork. So, again, do not stress. Make the copies (and put them in your suitcase!!) , take the deep breaths, and listen to me say it again slowly ittttttt willll beeee okayyyyyyy. 



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