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Kimberly N.

Here at NCU we have some very talented foreign language majors - and I’m not just talking about the work they do in my classes. Not only can my lovely freshmen students have a clear and intelligent conversation with you, but many of them can also serenade you in English! There are a few talented singers in my classes who shocked me when I attended a singing competition this past Sunday night. The competition included performances from other language majors as well, so I spent the evening listening to songs in English, Chinese, and French! 

It was delightful! 好听!Très bien!

Additionally, during my time here at NCU, I have seen students participate in dance performances and speech competitions successfully, so they have continuously blown me away with their talents throughout the year! Many students are members of the Student Union on campus, which helps organize events such as this recent singing competition, and many others probably have hidden talents that I have yet to discover! (Such as their skills in online gaming, an area in which I have very little competence.)

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