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Kayla A.

Well it has officially been week one living in Madrid. Orientation has come and gone in a blink. However, let’s backtrack to my packing list and packing tips. Pro tip: Sit on your luggage's to make them close!! I highly recommend a four pack or twelve pack of space bags.
 This piece is for my fellow fashionista’s who love fashion and treats everyday life as their own runaway!

1. Various jeans and shorts.
These pieces of clothing are extremely versatile. Jeans can be styled casually or even with a nice blouse and an oversized blazer. Jeans can be your fashion forward bestie that can be dressed up or paired with a casual tee-shirt. I used space bags to hold all of my jeans and shorts in a compact way. Fair warning I must say you gotta belly flop on the bags to get all of the excess air out. (Always fun!) 

2.Dresses for work 

Dress are staples for work attire. Once again, I used my trusty space bags! I stuffed about nine dresses rolled into a space bag to help with the spacing issue inside a medium checked bag. They are an easy item to pack being lightweight and fashion forward. You can still share your individual style. I must say dress and blazers are a staple too.

3. Suits and two pieces sets

Suits can be used for business and everyday casual. It all depends on your preference. I love to use matching pants with a variety of tee-shirts. For example, I have a pink blazer suit pant set which I love to use for everyday work attire. I must say one can use a long sleeve sweater with the blazer top over-layed. Classic suits can be paired with a nice graphic tee-shirt. I especially love a good wide-leg jean/overalls. Wide leg jeans are a classic fashion trend which never goes out of style.

4.Toiletry and makeup bag

Shower basics are mini shampoo, conditioner, washcloth, and bodywash. Along with your minis of your favorite hair care products. Especially skin care products such as face wash, mini toner, moisturizer, serum,  and sunscreen!! Sunscreen is extremely important to prevent anti-aging and protect your beautiful skin. Bring your towels and deodorant from your home state just to be safe with your comfort items. The weather in Madrid currently consists of cold morning and afternoon heat with winds. My makeup bag is my favorite topic besides fashion, just like every other girly-girl!

5. Shoes

For shoes, I was able to select my five pairs of shoes. My favorites are short black boots, two pairs of sneakers,and  a pair of rain boots. Back home I loved to wear my cute rhinestone pumps. The pumps had to stay back home due to lack of space. (This Texas girlie loves her sparkle of rhinestones and pearls.)  I must tell you about the streets of Madrid and the constant walking up and down streets, even countless stairs. Comfortable shoes are essential to stand the streets of Madrid. Make sure your shoes have extra cushion and high top sneakers. For those who have weak ankles like me and twist (cobblestone will hurt and possible blisters).

-Good Luck