Receiving my Acceptance Letter & The Process Leading up to Departure!

Authored By:

Terra J.

It has now been a year since I turned in my application to teach in the Czech Republic, but it seems like just yesterday. I remember frantically checking my email every day for my acceptance letter; then I finally saw the subject title, “Confirm Your Acceptance to Teach in the Czech Republic”. I was a student teacher at the time and excited that plans for my future were falling into place!

Since it was my mom's birthday when I received my acceptance email, she was definetly the first person I called. It was very special receiving such great news, but after telling my family and friends about it, reality started to kick in. I was mostly excited, but I also knew there was a lot of work ahead. I quickly registered for my online TEFL course, which I highly recommend, if possible. I completed my 12 week course right before the Visa/Employee Card process seemed to become overwhelming. It was definitely nice to have time to focus exclusively on completing the necessary tasks for my visa application.

The visa process was exhausting, mostly because one of the task requirements changed, right before my application was ready to be mailed into the consulate. The change was out of our hands and everything worked out, but I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t stressful at the time. However, our program coordinator was extremely supportive and helpful, seriously. I trusted her throughout this process and everything has fallen into place. I can honestly say that I have felt supported throughout this ENTIRE process.

Once my visa application was mailed in, the next few months were spent getting everything else ready for my departure. Throughout the departure process, I have never felt rushed to get something done; we have always had advanced notice for deadlines, which has been great. The program coordinators held webinars that covered all of my burning questions related to finding accommodation and roommates, what to pack, the dress code for work, transportation methods, budgeting, and even added us to a private Facebook page to get to know each other! 

My flight to Prague is now a week away and I have experienced many emotions up to this point: excitement, eagerness, stress, anxiety, and even (very little) second thoughts! But now, because of all the support I’ve had along the way, I am confident and excited for my journey ahead. I have high hopes that this will be an exciting year and I am looking forward to sharing it!