Mixed Emotions

Authored by:
Hannah P.

Hannah P.

The pieces of my teaching abroad adventure are beginning to fall into place. I have recently sent off my documents for my work permit which I have been tirelessly working on through the entire summer. My hard work will finally pay off once it comes in. However, the anxiousness and excitement of traveling to a different country for a year have begun to sink in. I will be leaving my friends and family to go to a unknown place for an entire year. My heart feels both light and heavy when I think about all the preparations I still need to complete while still trying to enjoy these last few weeks with the people that mean the most to me. It's a balancing act that I feel like I am constantly losing. However, moments like yesterday help me feel like I am doing what I should be doing these few weeks.

I had my going away party with my friends and family to celebrate my departure to China. It was all my favorite people in this world in one place and my heart felt so full to be sharing this milestone with them. They shared their day with me to celebrate a moment in my life that is life altering. Yet, they were so happy for me. They were congratulating me and wishing me luck on this new chapter in my life. My worries of what is to come were washed away with their smiling faces. This journey has just begun with this party but I know with the support system I have that I will have the best experience that I could ever hope for. 

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