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Diamond W.

Let the countdown begin! 

Two weeks, fourteen days, three hundred and thirty-six  hours until I am getting on a plane to Spain from NYC . My departure date is getting closer and closer and the reality that this time next month I will be living in Spain is all too surreal. Some days I feel like I repeat the phrase that I am moving to Spain so often that it's starting to lose its dazzle. But it's moments late at night, when I scan my room full of all my posessions since childhood and I try to select what to bring, that it truly begins to dawn on me . Safe to say that every night the list changes. I hope to have a concrete list the week before I leave. But knowing me, the day before I leave, the list will be rewritten and everything will have to be repacked. 
     These past few weeks I have been asked some thought provoking questions. Comically, I was asked by my biggest skeptic: "Why?, Why do I feel the need to move to Spain?" I chuckled. The word need, coming from a medical background is comical. I do not put moving to Spain in the same category as water, food, and air. But I guess the need to move, to do this grandiose risk and adventure is because I need to minimize as much regret in my life as I can. A few years back I learned that you can be hit with earth shattering changes that can limit your freedom without your say in it. That life lesson fuels me to take this ambitious leap across continents. All too soon my life will hopefully be filled with work, kids, a mortgage, and all the other things that prohibit one from truly getting up and leaving whenever they want to. Right now, I recognize that. In the areas of my life that I can control I will use them to live life as regret free as I can. I am blessed and privileged to be able to do this and I know this opportunity will not be here again. 

So my answer to the "why" is the cliched response: "Why not? All I have to gain will be outweighed by anything I could lose.