Chitty Chitty Bangkok!

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Kaylee S.

Kaylee S.

Well, something like that. Remember that 1960's movie about an inventor and the crazy car he made? Honestly, I don't really, but one of its quotes has stuck with me. Potts says, "Never say 'no' to adventures. Always say 'yes', otherwise you'll lead a very dull life." What a perfect saying to encapsulate that weekend of stepping out into Bangkok for the first time post-quarantine, because it was nothing short of an adventure.

In my last post about quarantine, I discussed OEG and how helpful they've been with everything since before I even got here. However, just when I thought they couldn't get any better, they turned our worlds upside down. Seven days in isolation will make you go stir crazy, especially knowing that there are 40+ other teachers in rooms all around you who are destined to be your friends. Walking down to the lobby when I was finally free and seeing all their smiling faces in person for the first time was even better than I could have expected, but the best was yet to come!

OEG planned three days worth of surprises for us all around the cool capital city. We got to take a boat ride on the canal, eat a real Thai lunch, practice some Muay Thai, and learn a few Thai style dance moves! These experiences alone were amazing, but getting to have them with my fellow teachers made it even better. Our down time between all these activities was spent bonding through temple touring, market shopping, 7/11 trips, and checking out Bangkok's fun nightlife! 

To conclude this celebration of our big adventure, OEG threw us a farewell dinner right in our hotel ballroom. There was good food and great company, what more could we have asked for? Nothing, and yet, still they found a way to exceed our expectations. We had the pleasure of viewing a Thai dancing performance, taking part in a beautiful Bai Sri Suu Kwan Ceremony, and playing a game of Orientation Trivia for a chance to win amazing prizes! (I'm not saying that was the best part, but a free night's stay at a hotel for the first place winner speaks for itself!)

In the end, three short days in Bangkok made up for seven long days in quarantine. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a story told within a story; and I think that's how those days out in Bangkok were for us. When we get home and tell the story of our experience, the longest lasting chapters will be the ones spent in our respective towns. However, one of my favorite parts to share will be about that very first adventure. The story within the story. How in only three days, I made some friends for life and we fell in love with a new city, we started to learn how amazing our new home was going to be, and we felt in our souls that we made the right decision in coming here. Thanks to OEG, it's definitely safe to say that we started off this journey with a bang.



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