The Beginning of an Adventure

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Diamond W.

Diamond W.

Dear Aspiring Adventurer,

 Take a seat and let me introduce myself!

     Hello, my name is Diamond. I am 24 years old and I am currently working as a critical care nurse in the busy metropolitan Philadelphia area. A little background information. I graduated from Widener University in 2019 with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Spanish, while maintaining a music scholarship. During my time in college I was desperate for a culture shock, so I did a brief culture exchange program in Chongqing, China, my sophomore year of college. It was a beautiful introduction to my international travels and it quenched my wanderlust soul, for the time being.

  I also have been to Colombia and explored some other European countries too, stopping briefly in Spain!

   Safe to say I am a curious bee always buzzing for the next adventure. I chose to teach abroad in Spain for many reasons but I guess the most sincere one is growth. I am always looking for the next challenge. Picking up my whole entire life and moving to a foreign country is going to open up a world of obstacles and triumphs, which I know will be overwhelming at times. But I am looking forward to it. After all, you don't grow while staying in the same place. Another reason for the move is because I love to travel! I plan on traveling every other weekend and experiencing all that Europe can offer.

   One goal I have while abroad is to improve my Spanish. I’ve studied this beautiful romance language for almost a decade but there is always room for improvement. I also would like to take some Spanish cooking classes, with the hope to better understand the cuisine and its rich history. Lastly, I just want to be carefree and adventurous. If I can accomplish one of these three goals, then I've done this thing right.
    Sadly, my plane will not be leaving for a few more weeks. So in the meantime I have been doing some mental preparation and mental packing; what I can and cannot live without. Also I've been spending time with friends and family whom I will not see for a while, kind of a farewell voyage. Albeit most people do not know that I am leaving yet, I want to keep it that way for right now. I feel that when people know a farewell is coming, the time spent can be surrounded with an air of sadness and rushed interactions. Right now, I just want every interaction to be calm, smooth, sincere, and free of angst.

Stay tuned for the excitement, revelations, and adventure!

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