5 Reasons Why Teaching English Abroad is the Perfect Post-Graduate Opportunity

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CIEE Teach Abroad

January is upon us and so is the very beginning of the spring semester. For many soon-to-be 2020 graduates, this time also marks the beginning of full panic mode. Nothing hits you harder than realizing its officially your graduation year. So here comes the dreaded question: what will you do next?

It’s okay to not have a plan. In fact, that’s how some of the best adventures get started! Contrary to popular to contrary belief, you don’t need a degree in education to become an English teacher abroad. All you need is a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification! And to be fluent in English, of course. Teaching English abroad is truly for anyone who is willing to take a year off from their normal lives to see the world and make a difference in the lives of others.

For recent graduates with virtually no real responsibilities, this is the perfect opportunity. Want to know why? Here are just five reasons:

  1. It will look great on your resume

    You might be worried about what a yearlong gap might look like to employers on your resume but teaching abroad isn’t a gap at all. Having international working experience isn’t just a fun fact about you, it’s something that employers are actually looking for. The skills you’ll have gained by working abroad are invaluable and can be applied to virtually any career field.

  2. Explore a new career path

    It’s very possible that as soon as you read “teaching” you lost a little bit of interest. And if you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with me! Even if teaching is something you’ve never considered doing, that doesn’t mean you won’t be great at it or end up loving it. Trying something out of your comfort zone could lead down a new and exciting path you never pictured for yourself before. If you’re still not interested in teaching, hopefully the next reason will convince you

  3. Earn money to travel

    Did we forget to mention you get paid? Depending where you go you might even get paid a lot! In countries such as China, South Korea and Thailand, teachers abroad can earn anywhere from $1000 to $2,650 a month with free housing! That’s right, you can forget paying rent. The money you earn can be used to travel on the weekends, support yourself and even deposited to your savings. In certain countries the cost of living is much lower than what we’re used to in the United States making travel and saving money even easier while your abroad!

  4. Find yourself while getting lost

    Okay, this sounds like a corny cliché your mom would share on your Facebook wall, but the message holds true! You get to know yourself a lot while in college, but post grad life is a whole different game. Who are you without your college friends or family? Teaching abroad and moving across the world for a year can be scary, but it can also be very formative. All the ups and downs you’ll encounter along the way will change you for the better. So, here’s another cliché: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  5. The timing couldn’t be better

    You only have 6 months before those dreaded school loan payments kick in so you might as well make the most of it! All humor aside, there is truly no better time to pick up your life and move abroad. While it may feel like your responsibilities are piled high, the truth is they’re only going to get higher from here on out. Adulting, am I right? This is the time in your life to do things for yourself, to be slightly reckless and very spontaneous. Though it may not be the conventional path, it certainly is the more exciting one.