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Nina S.

Moving abroad or traveling for an extended period of time without seeing those that are closest to you can be complicated. And if anyone decides to tell you different they are lying. The experience of being overseas is eye-opening, but it can becoming challenging in a number of ways aside from learning how to deal with a new culture, a language, how transportation works and eatting dinner at 9 pm if you are in Spain.

One challenge that many of us will face is homesickness. But do not fear there are ways to cope but the first step is to not allow the homesickness to stop you from exploring and enjoying the experience. Not everyones verision of homesickness is the same and not everybody will overcome it doing the samethings, but there are ways to help cope.

Ways To Reduce Homesickness

1. Be a Tourist So You Can Be An Expert Later

Go to all the things tourist do! Go to the sites and attractions so you can get to know the city. And get lost on the metro- it is the fastest way to get to know the city. Find places that make you feel like a home and yourself. 

2.  Make a Bucket List 

Find blogs, vlogs and Youtube channels about your country and write down all the things that look exciting. Even if you are walking down the street and a store pops out to you, write it down you can return later. Doing this will give you something to do and something to look forward to. 

3.  Make Your Home, Your Home

We all wish we can make up our rooms from back home but sadly we cannot. Go to your local Primark or any store and buy things that are YOU. Doing this will give you a space our your own and make you feel comforable in your in country. 

4. Have Friends and Family Come

Planning a trip with somebody from home is a great way to put your bucket list to use and show off that you are not a tourit anymore. Also, allows you to have some pieces of home come see your new home. 

5. Keep All of Your Habits

There is a group somewhere in your community that is probably doing the same activites as you. Just do some research, and doing this is a great way to make friends also. 

6. Create a Routine

Find out what you will be doing weekly and daily. And add fun activities into it so you are being active. 

7. Exercie Regularly

In Madrid for example there are many parks, go find a beautiful one and run around. Try to go for walks, runs or take a bike tour around your new home. 

8. Schedule "Me" Time

Do not excluded yourself but one day a week, have some time to yourself to reflect on everything that is wonderful in yout life. 

9. Find a Best Friend in Your New Country

Making friends will allow you do things you might not have thought about doing and also talk to somebody that can understand where your homesickness is coming from. Your new friends can make you feel less alone. 

10. Doucment Everything

There will be days where you are feeling more homesick then before. Make sure to take pictures of all the amazing things you do in your new country so when you are feeling homesick you have happy things to look back on. 

Homesickness is an anxiety and do something everyday to make you feel a little better. Do not allow it you hold you back!

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