Meet Our Staff

At CIEE, we have an experienced and dedicated team, committed to ensuring your success in our programs through a consultative approach.

Matt Redman

Vice President, Global High School & Teach Abroad Programs

Matt’s passion to bridge global cultures began with a trip to China just after high school on a trip led by one of his teachers. The trip provided lifelong friendships with both fellow students and Chinese cultural partners.

Since that experience, Matt has lived, studied, and worked in Spain, Chile, France, and the United States of America. Matt’s three host family experiences and numerous global friendships are an irreplaceable part of his life. Matt is excited to provide experiences that expand students’ horizons and open their minds to new possibilities. Matt dreams about helping future students overcome cultural barriers to create a more understanding, friendly, peaceful, and productive world.

Laragh Kavanaugh

Director, Program Management

Laragh’s passion for learning about other cultures started after participating in an exchange program in High School living on a Native American reservation in Wyoming. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Prescott College in Arizona, Laragh traveled extensively around the world including leading high school and gap year programs in Ghana and India. During her time abroad, Laragh gained valuable insights about other cultures and about her own cultural identity. Laragh returned to her hometown, Portland, Maine, and accepted a position at CIEE supporting exchange student while they studied and worked abroad. After becoming a CIEE intercultural trainer and working for 8 years as the Manager and Director of the CIEE Support Department, Laragh is excited to share her leadership skills, her intercultural knowledge and her communication skills with the Global Navigator High School Abroad team. In her free time Laragh enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband, playing with their dog Lucy, gardening and practicing yoga.

Tiffany Harrington

Director, Development

Growing up in a bilingual, binational household in the US, Tiffany did not fully understand or appreciate her otherness until she studied abroad for the first time in college. Coming to a full awareness of cultural differences and the importance of mutual understanding helped her realize the significance of cultural exchange and language acquisition. The experience sparked multiple travels abroad and a job hunt that led to working in Switzerland for four years.

Tiffany worked in a broad range of secondary and higher education settings before coming to CIEE where she is able to combine her passion for both education and international experiences to help high school students achieve their study abroad dreams.

In Portland, Tiffany volunteers her time and French language skills to welcome new Mainers from Francophone countries as they adjust to cold Maine winters and learn about American culture and hospitality.

Nathaniel Dyer

Senior Operations Manager

A native of Maine, Nate’s passion for study abroad is driven by his personal experience studying and living in Madrid, Spain.

He’s familiar with the challenges and triumphs one can experience while on a High School or Gap Year Abroad program, and is committed to helping students make the most of their experiences overseas.

In his free time, Nate enjoys hiking with his wife and dog, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and following Real Madrid Club de FĂștbol.

Rachel Coffin

Operations Manager

Rachel’s passion for travel began in high school, when she spent a month on the south island of New Zealand. The experience allowed her to gain a stronger sense of independence and an understanding of different lifestyles and cultures.

She has travelled internationally and has spent many hours in the car exploring the United States and Canada. Rachel is excited to help high school students have similar life changing and culturally enriching experiences while abroad.

Rachel, a native Mainer, returned to her home state after living in Colorado for a few years and attending college in New York. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, biking, exploring the Maine coast, and spending time with her husband and their golden retriever.

Peter Robbins

Operations Manager

Peter’s life was changed forever when he discovered the Dao De Jing, a book of ancient Chinese philosophy, in his high school library. It inspired him to study Chinese philosophy and history in college which in turn led him to study Mandarin in China. After graduating with a BA in Chinese language studies, Peter returned to China several times to lead educational travel programs for high school students and later to serve as the resident director of a college study abroad program in the city of Kunming. Before joining the CIEE Global Navigator team, Peter traveled 6,000 miles along the ancient Silk Road from China to Italy by bicycle. Peter is thrilled to be able to share his passion for learning, travel, and exploration to help more students achieve transformative experiences through study abroad.

Anna Swoboda

Senior Operations Coordinator

Anna worked in multiple departments at CIEE before participating on the Teach Abroad program in Thailand, where she taught English in a Thai high school. Though she misses her lovable students and the tropical climate, Anna was excited to join the High School & Gap Year Abroad Programs team in 2014.

Anna is passionate about helping students have meaningful international experiences and relishes every chance to explore new places and make connections around the world. Her favorite part of every day is hearing stories and seeing photos from students through their life-changing adventures.

Brooke Herda

Operations Coordinator

Brooke is from Charlotte, North Carolina and has a B.A. in Global Studies and German from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was once a high school exchange student herself in Germany (through CIEE!), and has also au paired in Vienna, taught high school English in Western Austria, worked at a summer camp in Switzerland, and volunteered and studied Spanish through South America. She is excited to be able to use her positive experiences to help students prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! In her free time, you will find Brooke baking cookies or traveling somewhere new.  

Sonia Chop

Operations Coordinator

Sonia’s passion for international education began at a young age thanks to her parents who provided valuable opportunities to explore the world. She completed her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech where she received a BA in International Studies and French. She spent a semester in France where she became fluent in the language and taught English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam after graduation. Prior to CIEE, she worked at a foreign language institution in Washington, DC and moved to Richmond, VA for a position in higher education. With her diverse professional background and multicultural experiences, Sonia hopes that her skill-set will help high school students discover the world through the power of study abroad.

In her free time, Sonia loves to cook, hike, run, dance Zumba, and globetrot with her husband.

Hannah Pratt

Operations Coordinator

Hannah joined the Global Navigator team after participating on the CIEE Teach Abroad program in Thailand. While in Thailand she taught ESL to high school students in a small farming community. Hannah is excited to share her experiences and to help facilitate similar life-changing moments for high school students. Originally from Andover, Massachusetts, Hannah is an ultimate Frisbee superstar who just completed her first triathlon. She also enjoys metalsmithing, making jewelry, playing the guitar and spending time with her big, fluffy dog.

Anne Rothacker

Senior Coordinator, Academics & Curriculum

Anne helps high school students explore the world and bring new understandings back to their communities because she has seen the value of having international perspectives in the classroom firsthand as a student and as a high school teacher.

A graduate of the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program, Anne was an advisor and teacher at a boarding school in Maine before joining the CIEE Global Navigator Team in 2016. When she is not planning her next travel or outdoor adventure, Anne enjoys writing, reading, and theater.

Joe Modzelewski

Director of Sales

Joe has always loved travel and jumped at every opportunity he had. As a teacher, he led instructional trips overseas and served and an educational liaison for the U.S. State Dept. in Central Asia.

Whether traveling to Ireland again to visit family or visiting a new CIEE Global Institute in Nanjing, China, the excitement never fades. He truly believes “the world is our classroom” and that we should never stop learning.

When not traveling, Joe can be found on the golf course, on the river, or in the yard…working (in that preferred order). He lives on the Nashua River in Massachusetts next to a horse farm with his wife, son, daughter, and currently two dogs and a cat.

Anna Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Anna studied abroad for a full year in Germany during college and then received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Germany for one year after graduating with a major in German Language and Literature and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Puget Sound in Washington. Both of those years living abroad shaped her love of traveling, learning another language, and promoting cultural exchange for others.

Anna worked in Human Resources at Big Sky Resort in Montana for 4 years hiring and traveling with CIEE and the J-1 Work and Travel cultural exchange program. In 2009 Anna started working for CIEE supporting seasonal businesses around the West with their J-1 hiring and running successful programs with students from over 50 countries, as well as participating in international hiring trips in over 20 countries. She then joined the Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad team and is excited to further promote language learning and cultural immersion for high school students across the country.

In her free time Anna loves spending time outdoors in Montana with her husband and two daughters, Cora and Linley, skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and spending time with friends.

Nicole Sprague

Regional Sales Manager

Nicole lived off and on in Cairo, Egypt for 13 years. There, she worked for international non-profit organizations including: Amideast, Ford Foundation, Institute on International Education (IIE), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Nicole grew up in Bath, Maine and returned to her home state after living in the Middle East. Finding CIEE in Portland landed her back in an organization that promotes international education and cultural understanding. Helping students and professionals through cultural exchanges has been a focus in all of her past positions and is something she will always find important.

Like a true Mainer, Nicole loves the great outdoors and took up snowboarding and skiing again. She hopes to get both her daughters, Seba Rose and Lily Mae, out on the slopes with her to embrace the beautiful winters.

Caryn Berman

International Studies Director

Caryn comes from a family of world travelers so being curious about other cultures began at an early age. Having an exchange student from Spain live in her home during a high school summer, inspired Caryn to study in Salamanca the following year. After falling in love with the Spanish culture, Caryn spent a semester abroad studying in Madrid her junior year of college. Having minored in Spanish, Caryn has continued to utilize her language skills, most recently, teaching Kindergarten in a predominantly Hispanic district.

In her spare time, Caryn enjoys spending time with her fiancé and 2 sons, hiking, cooking, playing tennis and traveling whenever possible. She has traveled to over 27 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and is always looking to add another stamp to her passport.

Caryn is so happy to be a part of CIEE, promoting 2 of her great passions – education and study abroad. She is inspired to share with others the life-changing experience that she has been fortunate enough to have.

Kelly Britt

International Studies Director

Kelly’s curiosity for cultural exchange began at an early age, as her best friends growing up were from China, France and former Yugoslavia. From those international experiences, Kelly was inspired to study, live, volunteer and work in France, Mauritania, Italy, Malta, Australia and Ireland, as well as Hawaii and California. Kelly thrives on immersing herself in intercultural situations, learning and teaching languages (she has studied, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Ancient Greek and Serbian and has taught English and Italian), and mentoring refugee populations in transitioning to new cultures (she volunteers as an Intercultural Trainer with Upwardly Global). Kelly is most at home when she is mixing languages, cultures, countries, cuisines and experiences daily bringing people together in support of understanding, awareness and collaboration across the globe.

Natalie Elizondo

International Studies Director

Natalie Elizondo is an International Studies Director at CIEE. Her love of international education began with traveling to Europe where she studied for a semester in Madrid, Spain and as summer in London, England in College.

From then on she was hooked on traveling. She has traveled to over 17 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Natalie is also an alumni of the CIEE Teach Abroad program where she taught in Spain for two years. After two amazing years in Spain she decided it was time for a new adventure and headed to China to teach English. She is very passionate about helping students create their own experiences and adventures through studying abroad. Having worked previously with High School students and guiding them to an educational journey is what inspired her to start a career with CIEE. One of her favorite parts about being an International Studies Director is the chance to talk to students about international study opportunities and helping them begin their own journey abroad.

 Jessie Hill

International Studies Director

Jessie’s curiosity for traveling started at a young age when her mother told her stories of traveling the world as a stewardess in the 50’s. After high school she worked on a sailboat in the Bahamian islands which was her first time experiencing a new culture. Jessie studied at UNC Greensboro and was able to study abroad in Finland thanks to the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship. After spending half a year abroad Jessie arrived back home with a new prospective on life and a passion for international education.
Since then, she has worked in Italy and in London and has been able to help students study English or seek higher education abroad in America and the UK. She is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences and creating opportunities for our younger generation to study abroad. 
While Jessie has been living in different parts of the world for many years- Maine will always be home! As a true Mainer she enjoys practically anything that involves being outside- surfing, biking, hiking,  soccer, and swimming.

Grady Hogan

International Studies Director

Grady joined CIEE’s High School and Gap team in 2015 after working in Youth Development roles in the U.S. and Vietnam. Grady’s love of international education and travel began while living abroad as child in England and was later solidified by studying abroad in Nepal and Bhutan in college.

In his travels Grady has cherished making human connections across seemingly incompatible cultures. Grady’s understanding of the world and his place in it has been hugely shaped by his time spent outside of the U.S. and he is excited that with CIEE he can help others have similar experiences.

Megan McInturff

International Studies Director

After graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in Health Education, Megan spend time teaching in rural villages outside of Lilongwe, Malawi. After leaving Africa, she volunteered in Chiang Mai, Thailand with women and children. Her experiences abroad cultivated a passion for international exchange and development. She returned home in 2010 and began working for CIEE on the J1 Work and Travel Program and has since transitioned to the High School Summer Abroad Program.

Megan is dedicated to encouraging and supporting students to study abroad to gain independence and global awareness. She is confident that studying abroad is one of the most inspiring and empowering experiences available to students.

Kerry Palleschi

International Studies Director

From an early age, Kerry – fittingly named for a county in Ireland – has been inspired by her travels across Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Her passion for cultural exchange, combined with a background in higher education and communication, positioned her well to listen to, and work with, families as they choose just the right study-abroad program and prepare their high school students for the experience.

Originally from Vermont, Kerry spent the early years of her career in the admissions office of St. Joseph's College, and now calls Maine home. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, reading, and visiting family around the country. She also looks for any opportunity to enjoy her favorite food: mofongo. (That’s a Puerto Rican fried plantain-based dish!)

Tim Rogers

International Studies Director

Tim’s curiosity for traveling abroad developed when he visited a friend studying abroad in Italy and visited another friend who was playing professional basketball in Portugal. He has seen firsthand how studying internationally has helped friends and family members grow academically, socially and in maturity. As a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, Tim wants to help students make the trip abroad to help develop a global citizen with an open minded perspective. As an International Studies Director working in Chicago, he has a passion for helping students think bigger and see beyond the Chicago landscape.

Andee Skjonsberg

International Studies Director

Andee joined CIEE’s high school team in 2016 as an International Studies Director after working as a Senior Recruiter for the Art Institute of Seattle for 8 years. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Communication, Andee has always had a passion for the arts, teaching, working with teenagers and educating them about scholarships and their future beyond high school.

While she is in the early stages of international travel, Andee is thrilled to be able to share her experiences with high schoolers and inspire them to begin their own journeys and memories abroad. Andee has lived in Washington almost her whole life and says her favorite thing about working for CIEE is reading the stories of students who have traveled and how it has transformed their life.

Rachel Babich

International Studies Coordinator

Rachel has been committed to supporting study abroad since high school, when she traveled through Europe on a cultural exchange program. Returning home with a greater understanding of her world, she sought out opportunities to see new cultures. Through studying in the South of France, living and working in Paris, and traveling to over 25 countries, Rachel has seen firsthand the power of immersive study.

Since then, she has been helping American and international students experience the transformative opportunities study abroad can bring. She is excited to help high school students and their families have a great experience studying with CIEE!

Theo Darvin

International Studies Coordinator

A native of CIEE's home base, Portland, ME, Theo has been exposed to a diverse community with friends and peers of varying ethnicities since childhood.

During his undergraduate years he studied abroad in Bangkok, Thailand and Santiago, Chile before completing his degree in Biology and Writing; the next year teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand and traveling extensively throughout Asia.
Theo's ventures abroad took him to places he never thought could exist--showed him magic-- and now drive him to facilitate these experiences for others.

Stanzi Littlefield

International Studies Coordinator

Stanzi joins us from the great state of Kentucky. Although her roots are in the south, she is thrilled to call Maine home, and is grateful to have been welcomed into the CIEE family.
After graduating from Xavier University, Stanzi joined The Peace Corps, and served in Jordan and Mongolia.  She carries with her the lessons she learned on flexibility, openness, and determination- and hopes to offer a similar experience of travel and adventure to high school students.
Stanzi is a proud plant mom, web designer, and artist. She can be found at her beloved Maine summer camp, conquering gentle hikes, or dancing front row at disco cover shows. 

Sophie Veilleux

International Studies Coordinator

Sophie first became passionate about student travel when she participated in a high school exchange program in Germany at the age of sixteen. The impact those six weeks had on her direction in life was profound, which is why she is so excited to be a part of the High School Abroad team!
Sophie went on to spend a year abroad in England during college, and is very fortunate to be visiting her 12th country this coming summer. She has a background in social psychology and customer service, and is thrilled to have a job that combines those skills with her commitment to the importance of student travel.



International Studies Coordinator

A native of Canada, Michel has made his home in the United States after many years of working, living and travelling abroad in over 35 countries. His first experience of living and working in London as a student sparked a lifelong love of travel and experiencing new cultures. Since those early days he has worked as a teacher in Australia, and South Korea, and recently spent time back in London assisting international students study in the UK. He believes that having international experiences not only grows you as a person but also allows you to empathize with people around the world and see your own nationality in a new light. His favorite part about working with CIEE is the opportunity to allow students to see their potential on the world stage.