The CIEE Difference

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Experiential Learning That Beats Traditional Tours

Our programs are designed to take you to faraway places – not so you can peer in from the outside like a tourist, but so you can weave into the fabric of the community you visit and learn about local culture by becoming part of it. You’ll see it in homestays and engaging cultural activities, and high school teachers that lead you with energy and insight tour guides can’t match.

As you explore new places and people, you also learn about yourself. That doesn’t happen by accident. Self-discovery and reflection are intentionally built into every day to make sure you connect back to and internalize each exciting breakthrough.


Going abroad is more powerful when it builds on concepts you’re already learning. That’s why we pay attention to your school-year curricula and design Global Navigator programs in alignment with high school learning standards for foreign language, science, and service.

To take you beyond touring, each program has a strong focus on gaining international understanding. Like the highly respected International Baccalaureate programs, we believe in the importance of nurturing capable global citizens, and we incorporate lessons and activities to that end. In fact, participating in a CIEE adventure is a great way for students working toward IB credentials to prepare to launch a successful CAS project to satisfy IB requirements.