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Our Last Weekend

By Maryjane C.

This past weekend we got to go to Cinecittà World, an amusement and water park about an hours drive from Rome. It was one of my favorite things that we've... keep reading


A Taste of Tradition: Fassi Gelateria

By Petie Schill at CIEE

As we waltzed through the doors of Fassi at 10am, we weren’t sure what to expect. The famous gelateria, located in the heart of Rome, has a reputation for being... keep reading



By Angelica Forti at CIEE

Our high school summer abroad global discovery students have arrived in Firenze! Students have traveled with a high speed train that took us to the city in less than 2... keep reading


Embracing Italian Culture

By Chiara Falabella at CIEE

Italy, the land of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine, has long captivated the hearts of travelers. But what if I told you that our students are doing more... keep reading

Why Study Abroad?

By Maryjane C.

I asked my group and friends why they decided to study abroad and here is what they said.

Half Way Rewind

By Maryjane C.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since we all arrived in Rome and met.. and 2 weeks until we all part ways and say goodbye. I can’t believe how quickly these two... keep reading


Giorno 1 a Scuola: L’orientatamento

By Michael Vicchio at CIEE

On Monday our students took part in their on-site orientation which included: Program Overview, Housing, Logistics, Health, Safety & Security, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and an Academic Orientation. The students... keep reading


Siamo Arrivati a Roma

By Lisette Aguila at CIEE

Ciao! Our high school summer abroad global discovery students have arrived! Students have traveled with and without their families from various parts of the U.S. and Europe. We’re the Connecting... keep reading

I Miei Amici

By Maryjane C.

Today was our first full day in Rome and I'm already dreading leaving. Something I was not expecting was to make so many friends so quickly. As soon as we... keep reading


Reflections on Rome- by Guest Blogger Abby A. (Session 1)

By Alexis Savas at CIEE

The last few weeks spent in Rome have been an incredible experience. It has been an informative, exhilarating, unforgettable, and simply put: an adventurous ride. Throughout the trip we visited... keep reading


Drawing on Our Observations

By Alexis Savas at CIEE

This. week, our High School Global Navigators in the Connecting Art, History, and Culture Program visited La Galleria d'Arte Moderna, known to Romans as the GNAM. Modern Art is relative... keep reading


A day in Vatican City!

By Alexis Savas at CIEE

No passport needed to hop over to another country - we spent time visiting Vatican City! On Sunday, we had free time in St. Peter's Square. Each Sunday, the Pope... keep reading


Pizza, Pompei, and Playing in the Sea

By Jane Kuntz at CIEE

This weekend, Language and Culture students went on a trip to Pompei and then to the sea for a relaxing beach day. Our group was lucky to have incredible weather... keep reading

Firenze, conosciuto anche come- Florence

By Mia E.

One of the many treasures within our trip to Italy, was our overnight stay Firenze, better known as Florence. We visited the Historic Center of Florence, in the region of... keep reading


Adrenaline, fantasy and fun: welcome to Cinecittà World!

By Ilaria Minosse at CIEE

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! It's Saturday and we are already at the end of the second week of the program, and what better way to end this week... keep reading