Zumba in China?? Of course!!

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Jonathan Fall

Everyone is recovering from a long but fun weekend in Shanghai, so what’s the best way to restore everyone’s energy? With some dancing, of course!

On Tuesday of the third week, students traded in the sweaty, humid outdoor weather for the sweaty exhilaration of dancing to some fresh beats in the Nanjing University dance studio. Our program director brought in one of Nanjing’s premier Zumba instructors to teach a class for our students.

What? Zumba in China? That’s right! Brought over from the U.S., Zumba is an increasingly popular activity in Nanjing, and we wanted to get our students in on the action. The instructor played a mix of popular English and Spanish songs, as well as some Chinese songs, to get students up and moving. Then, from the stage at the front of the room, she showed the students the steps to her dances, and the hip-shaking began!

While students came to the class with different levels of experience, everyone had fun trying to keep up with our energetic instructor. It was a great workout, and the water we drank when we rested was well-earned!

After the Zumba teacher concluded her class, some of our students led their own mini-classes or danced freely, including a lesson of Bachata dancing led by our very own Skarly Gonzalez!


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