Within the Tides of Avencas Beach: Student Take Over by Thomas Patalon

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Aquatic Ecosystems & Sustainability

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Barbara Swisher

Exploration of the Avencas began with scenic drive along the Marginal. Along the edge of a busy city, lays rocky shores below. On first glance it looks nothing more than some shallow tides rising and receding along the rugged beaches, within the cracks rests so much more. From our biologist we learned observation techniques with quadrants to record the amount of life that gathered within. We saw many types of organisms from multiple types of algae to schools of teaming fish. Comparing results of the diversity of quadrants is what allows biologists to record populations and monitor any disturbances to their ecosystems.

After our observations of the many micro-ecosystems we had time to take the beach for ourselves. Some of us chose to continue to search for the expanding amounts of biodiversity while others took a more personal approach. From making sandcastles and splashing in the waves we took advantage of the beautifiul sunshine. Spending time in the rocky waters allows you to settle within them and observe the push and pull of the tide. It empowers you to let go of the build up of any distractions you might have taken on and simply let the ocean take them away.

My name is Thomas Patalon. I am an eighteen year old student from Ohio with an appreciation for nature. Next year I will be studying Botany at Oregon State University.