What is that noise? A waterfall? Yes!

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Ellie Bergstrom

By María Celeste Barquero

We are going to talk about our first Saturday at Costa Rica. And will we enjoyed our first weekend? Well, we really enjoyed it! It was pretty awesome!

On Saturday we had a sunny morning, we ate breakfast as usual (and a delicious one) on campus and then we get on the road heading to a beautiful place full of suspension bridges and several waterfalls. We went to El Tigre waterfalls and we had an amazing  refreshing day. We had to hike a lot but it worth it. Because we had the chance to see every waterfall and get wet into the cold water. Which were necessary to be able to continue with the walk.

Through the trails we had to cross suspension bridges and through the bridge, at our feet we saw how the river flowed. Magic! In the trails we get the chance to meet each other better, but just keep in mind that we are in the forest and we should keep a very low volume so we can be able to see more animals through the trails. We were all really happy and speechless to see the first big waterfall, although we had to be careful because rocks were very slippery! So watch out everyone!

At the end after seeing all the waterfalls and finishing the hike, it was time for the horse riding. A interesting story is that all the horses had names so the man that was working tell us the name so we while we are in the horse riding we can talk to them. When Jordyn was given her horse it turns out that the name of the horse was Jojo! And guess what? Jordyn instantly surprised and she was so happy because that is the way her mom called her, isn't a beautiful coincidence?

Photo for blog post What is that noise? A waterfall? Yes!

A lot of us were the first time riding a horse (me included) and we were a little concern on how we should manage or ride the horse but it was very easy and a wonderful experience! Definitely this part was very enriching experience because just be with a breathtaking landscape, horse, great weather, great people and a good dish of food waiting for us is dreamlike. We cannot ask for more!