We're Back on Track!

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Laurie Perrin

We were finally able to go work at AMANC today. AMANC stands for La Asociación Mexicana de Ayuda a Niños con Cáncer. (Mexican Association for Helping Children with Cancer) The students enjoyed working around the organization with the staff and the children. We are helping to throw a party tomorrow in honor of National Cancer Survivor Day. This is a very special day as AMANC has invited previous patients, who are now cancer survivors, and their families to come celebrate their triumph. The students were divided into different areas and some helped staff by working in the kitchen, setting up, and some helped clean. Other students spent time with the kids and played games with them. Both the children and the staff were happy we were able to come to help and play. Tomorrow morning we will set up all the games, decorations, and food for the party in the afternoon.

This was the students' first full day working at AMANC and they were excited to be able to get started. After the party tomorrow, the students will rotate each day so that they will have the opportunity to help in all areas of the organization. The activities include painting, cleaning, working in the kitchen, helping with administrative tasks, translating documents, posting on social media, and of course, playing with the kids. After working at AMANC, the students headed back to CIEE for their functional Spanish class, where they learned useful phrases for going to the doctor. After their Spanish class, the students decorated piñatas together. They’ll take those piñatas to AMANC next week for the children to play with (once filled with candy, of course).


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