Welcome to Monteverde!

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Women for Environmental Action

Authored By:

Emma Butler

Students arrived in Costa Rica on Sunday and enjoyed a typical Costa Rican lunch at a restaurant with beautiful views. Following lunch, we took a three and a half hour drive on winding mountain roads. We arrived at campus around 6 o'clock, and students were surprised to see that it was already dark! It was also raining, which is typical of the cloud forest of Monteverde. 

Students checked into their bungalows and then had a short orientation. Participants in the Women for Environmental Action program and the Climate Change Mitigation program shared dinner together in the dining hall, a tech-free zone that fosters communication and community. 

On Monday, students were introduced to campus life through orientation, a campus tour, and an introduction to coursework. We explored the campus farm, surrounding trails, and all that the campus has to offer! The Women for Environmental Action are excited for an adventurous three weeks combining their love of the environment and the biodiversity of the cloud forest!