Welcome to Korea!

Authored By:

Jennie Gold


It was a warm and humid day as we welcomed the Gaming & Esports Session 2 students as they arrived from the Incheon Airport. We are so excited to be working with a brand new group of students as they learn more about Korea and Esports culture here. The students were given their room assignments, dinner, and time to get settled and have an early night in to recover from their long day(s) of travel.


The next morning, we traveled by public transportation to Yonsei University campus for our orientation. The students met the CIEE staff and the Gen.G staff that will be with them for the next three weeks to teach and help them during this program. Students had the chance to participate in some ice breaker activities to better get to know their fellow program participants.  We enjoyed lunch at a bulgogi restaurant where students grilled their beef on a pan in the middle of the table. They enjoyed their first taste of Korean food, along with the many side dishes provided by the restaurant!

To end out the day, the students were given some time for exploring and getting to know the area immediately surrounding the hotel. These times of exploration are great for helping the students to practice their problem-solving and discover some of the amazing things that our area has to offer!


We are looking forward to the next two and a half weeks with your students and will be continuing to update this blog throughout the entire program to give you a better picture of what your students are experiencing!