Weekend Update 3/3: Ranch Rides

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Tate Sheppard

Tate Sheppard

Your Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Day Three: A Day at the Ranch in Candonga

On our last day in Córdoba, after checking out at the hotel, we went to an estancia (ranch estate) in Candonga and spent our day with the family and friends of Salvador Gimenez. His family runs an equestrian tourism business on the ranch offering horseback tours, empanada making, asado and traditional gaucho culture. Not long after arriving we took a tour around the estancia with another tour group, Salvador and his son Alvaro. They told us about the history of the ranch dating back to the Comechingón people who originally populated the land before the arrival of the Spanish and showed us remnants of structures they built around the property. Students then prepared for a horseride around the area with gauchos from the ranch.

After the horseride, we learned how to prepare empanadas and some students even helped with the asado (Argentine BBQ). As you can see from the photos, the servings of meat and cooked veggies seemed endless! Even for our large group! After such a massive meal, we all relaxed as staff on the ranch played traditional Cordobés music and taught the group Chacarera, a traditional dance from Argentina. When the group energy started flowing again, we wrapped up the day playing group games before saying goodbye and heading back to Buenos Aires!

Quincy even showed off his musical skills for the local musicians!

Enjoy the Jump into the Weekend!

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