Weekend in Marrekech!

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Ami Hauser

Ami Hauser

This past weekend, we traveled south to Marrekech.  On the way, we stopped in Imantoute and spent one night at the Amazigh Center.  Amigizh are the indigenous people of North Africa.  In addition to Darija ( Moroccan arabic) and French there is also the Amazigh language that is widely spoken in different parts of Morocco.  You often see highway signs written in all three languages.

Upon arriving to Marrakech students walked through Djemaa El-Fna, the largest square in Africa on the way to dinner on the rooftop of a beautiful restaurant.   Dinner consisted of  mostly traditional Moroccan food: tagines, c pastilla (chicken)  and the famous dish of Marrekech, Tangia ( look up how they cook this one!!) .

The next day we had a guided tour of the Medina in Marrekch where we learned about the history and architecture of the city.  On Monday, we had time to shop in the souks ( shops) and buy some souvenirs like the traditional kaftans ( dresses), tea sets, and spices! 

On the way home to Rabat, we stopped for a camel ride where the students got to experience a new adventures!  Overall, it was a great introduction to the "red city" of Marrekech! 

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