A Weekend on Isla Chira

Authored by:
Chrissy Gill

Chrissy Gill

What an amazing past few days! On Wednesday we traveled by land and sea to the remote island called Isla Chira.  The focus of our time there was to explore the complexities of sustainable fishing.  We talked about what happens to an ecosystem if you overfish and explored how the local community was recovering from overfishing. 

First we learned about the importance of mangroves and helped a local group replant mangroves... and did it get messy!

The next few days we focused on sustainable fishing practices. Of course, talking about fishing was not enough, we had to try some fishing ourselves! Turns out... we are not that great of fishermen, but we had a blast trying! 

On our final day we even got to hang out with some of the children who live on the island. We sang songs and played soccer!

We definitely enjoyed our time on the island. Now we are of to Playa Coco to continue our sustainability journey!

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