Weekend with host family

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Ru Si

by 张雅婷 Alysa 7/13 Today was our first weekend in Beijing, as we'll as the first time we spent a day with our host family. As luck would have it, today was the second of the three days uses to celebrate the incoming heat. To celebrate, people make dumplings or something of the sorts to celebrate. Today we spent the morning shopping, then got hot pot for lunch. It was really spicy, but really delicious! Then after we droppes off my host sister to her classes, I went home with my host parents and we started making dumplings! My host mother made the skin of the dumplings as my host father and I were mixing the filling. I wasn't good at folding the dumplings as them, but it was a lot of fun! We made a lot of dumplings and then boiled them for dinner. We had them with a bit of vinegar because they like the sour taste a lot. Afterwards, we went to Olympic Park. We took a tour bus around and I had a lot of fun looking at the different buildings. On the LingLong Tower, there is a countdown of the days until China will be hosting the Winter Olympics again. I had a lot of fun today hanging out with my host family, especially as we made the dumplings.

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