Week 1 in Seoul!

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K-Pop Immersion

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Sartu Taha

As hard as it is to believe, our global navigators have already been in Seoul, South Korea for 1 week! The students have been busy with k-pop classes, Korean language classes, and fun activities around Seoul! They got to watch a Cooking Nanta performance in Myeongdong, a comedy show with dramatic acrobatics. Students also got the opportunity to visit the Seoul Broadcasting High School, where they met local high school students and were taught a number from their recent school performance of Fame the musical. Our navigators had a lot of fun bonding with the Korean students and learning more from students their age. Later this week, students also got to enjoy k-pop performances from students training to become k-pop idols. That night ended with a random dance play, where our students got to jump on stage and perform to their favorite k-pop songs.