Waterfalls, Ziplining, and REST.....Oh, My!

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Lynne Burns

What a weekend we had! 

On Saturday morning we had our breakfast and then boarded the buses to head to El Tigre Waterfalls. El Tigre Waterfalls are know for hiking, 4 waterfalls, areas for swimming, 10 hanging bridges, and horseback riding at the end of the 8 kilometer loop. The best parts of the trip were being able to swim at the falls and then riding a horse back to the top of the mountain.  The girls had the opportunity to bond in a unique setting with lots of laughs in muddy conditions. Horse back riding was an experience many will not forget.  The horses had minds of their own with racing each other and nipping each other.  The end reward was an amazing lunch and wandering the gift shop! The evening brought more fun and laughs with karaoke night!  Lots of fun singing together with an eclectic list of songs from Taylor Swift all the way to Don McLean's, American Pie.

On Sunday, we again loaded the buses EARLY to beat the crowds at our zip lining destination, Selvatura. Many girls had never been zip lining before and some had fears of high places.  So we ventured into the tree tops to conquer our fears, see some beautiful landscapes and enjoy the adrenaline rush!  SO MUCH FUN! At the end we all just needed our water bottles and a nap!  Again, the girls had a great time with lots of laughs!

After such a full weekend of fun and adrenaline, Sunday afternoon was nothing but REST for some of us. Many spent the afternoon relaxing in their rooms, chilling with friends in the rec room, or...can you believe that some went for a hike or did their workouts for fall sports! In any case, everyone enjoyed the weekend regardless of how it ended!