Warner Brother's Studio Tour - 12 July 2023

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Creative Writing in Literary London

Authored By:

Marina Flores


London's Ciee Summer Session 2 Program made their way to the Warner Brothers Studio in London where scenes in Harry Potter were shot to experience behind-the-scenes related visuals and information not seen in the movies. With the help of amazing program leaders and high school study abroad helpers such as Teresa Boinett. We were able to experience riding a London double-decker bus inspired by Harry Potter and the London trains! The Warner Brother Studio gave us insight on specific costume designs, how visions were created from characters, and the special effects on well known scenes fans love! There were many interactive places like helping Molly Weasley knit a sweater or taking a train back to Hogwarts! Overall the experience was amazing getting a clear and up close visual for amazing representation and inspiration for our future writings in class for CIEE programs.

Written by Imani L