Visit to Animaya Zoo

Authored by:
Gabriela Cedeño

Today´s activity was a visit to the Animaya Zoo. This zoo pretends to recreate a safari, where three different ¨ meadow ¨ exhibits can be found, including  American, Euro-Asian and African meadows. We had the opportunity to enjoy different guided activities with a local biologist who taught us in depth about the flora and fauna living in the zoo.

Our first activity was a short walk through a garden where we saw tropical plants, guacamayas and a couple of capybaras.

Later on, we went on a safari tour. Students boarded a safari truck and went through the three different meadows. they were able to spot monkeys, ostriches, rheas, emus, giraffes, flamingoes, zebras, goats, Asian buffaloes and many others!

After the safari, students were surprised by the zoo staff with an activity with baby birds. But not any birds, running birds! They were able to feed baby ostriches, rheas and emus.

To finish our visit, we stopped at the apiary, the bee sanctuary. This particular place does not hold common bees, here we can find ¨melipona¨ bees. These bees are known for their lack of sting.


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