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Sally Bishop

Saturday was the day many had been looking forward to - visiting Venice. Arriving by train from Ferrara, we were picked up by our guides who wound us through the backstreets of this mysterious city, sharing secrets of its history, how to interpret signs, and how to navigate, without a "nave" - a ship. At the end, we were pushed out into the magnificent St. Mark's Square by the throngs of people who joined us in marveling at this city unique in all the world. 

After lunch, kids had a couple of hours to wander, shop, eat, gaze, take a gondola ride. At the end of the afternoon, we reunited in St. Mark's Square to make our way in the hot sun back to the train station. Naps were in order on train before we had to rush off the train in Ferrara that has no mercy for those who straggle. Everyone made it in fine order and then dispursed to enjoy their weekends with their families. 


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