The Vatican Museums

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Katie Amanda Smith

Katie Amanda Smith

When in Rome, you simply must visit the Vatican City! While it’s a country of its own, no passports or visas are needed to get in, although the museums themselves are so busy with visitors that it does feel a bit like an airport, but once we got through the security check we are able to enjoy the many things you can find in these museums.

Surprisingly there are many mummies in the Vatican City, as there is a whole ancient Egyptian section. But we didn’t linger long as we had many sculptures and mosaics to check out. Many of the sights to be seen are outside in the open air, including the dome and a central courtyard, housing mythological sculptures. 

Back inside we marvelled at the grand high ceilings, intricate mosaic floors and so much gold everywhere! 

Simona was our guide explaining some of the most impressive art on show, and we slowly made our way towards one of the most famed important places, the Capella Sistina. Inside the Sistine Chapel, no photography is allowed, but everyone will surely recognise parts of the world famous ceiling. Another rule of the chapel to is to be silent, a fact we are ironically reminded of by the periodic shouting of the guards on duty. 

Once outside our vow of silence is lifted and we can make our way into the breathtaking San Pietro. The sun that streams through the windows recalls spotlights and there is indeed a distinctly theatrical feel about this place, a feeling like a show is about to start. 

Whether you’re religious or not, this church leaves you with a feeling of awe just from the sheer scale of it, and once again the level of decoration, where no surface is left unembellished means we’re left amazed everywhere we turn.

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