From the USA to the Netherlands...We Have Arrived in Amsterdam!

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Gregory Gaylor

Gregory Gaylor

From initial meetings at the airport and the nervousness that occurs when meeting new people for the first time to our actual arrival in the Netherlands, students have taken an immediate liking and interest to their new host country for the next 3 weeks. Nothing like being in Amsterdam, a major international player on the world stage, to learn about all things related to the realm of WORLD GOVERNMENT. 

From sessions regarding the learning of the Dutch language, coupled with the history, art, food, geography, customs, and culture of the Netherlands, students have gotten off to a great start about what this life-altering experience will entail.   

Wikipedia defines the term "World Government" as: World government or global government, sometimes called one-worldism, cosmocracy, or hegemony is the concept of a single political authority for all humanity. It generally entails some form of government through a single state or polity with jurisdiction over the entire world.  No location other than Amsterdam is better equipped to provide students with an up and close, personal view to what all of this truly means!  



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