Trip in Hang Zhou

Authored by:
Ting Li

Today was our final day at Hang Zhou starting at 6:30 am. Taking an early start to the day we handed in our passports for a change in trains to accommodate to the typhoon that was hitting Shanghai! 
After a great sleep in the hotel we ate breakfast and met in the lobby at 11 am exhausted from what the typhoon was changing in our day. We went out to lunch at an amazing restaurant trying new foods and an especially good dessert.
After lunch we went to a museum where we painted umbrellas and hung out with friends for the afternoon. We had the choice of following traditional flower patterns or using our imagination to create our own. 
With our train departing at 10:30 pm and tons of time to spare we were taken to a small mall by the airport and went to the movies! With the option of watching 我不是药神 in chinese, also known as Dying to Survive, or Skyscraper featuring The Rock, we sat down and relaxed to these films. We ate a quick dinner, wandered in the train station and took one last bus for the weekend as we arrived back in Shanghai the next day at midnight. 

Writen by: Jocelyn Lister


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