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Marta Jimenez

Marta Jimenez

After our first week of getting used to our new routine in a different country, we finally did our first trip. We visited Cádiz! This city is around an hour and a half far from Seville so we took a bus to go there. Cádiz is located in the southwest of the coast of Spain. It is almost an island since it is surrounded by water, though it is attached to the peninsula by a narrow slice of land. It meant that wherever we went, we'll find the beach and all of us were very excited and ready to enjoy the Spanish sun and to swim in the Atlantic ocean. But first, we needed to get around the city and know about its history. Cádiz is said to be one of the most ancient cities of Spain and Western Europe.  

We started our walk around the city in the Plaza de España and we learned that the first Spanish Constitution was written in Cádiz and it is commonly known as 'La Pepa'. Everywhere we went was full of history and culture, we even visited the ruins of a Roman theatre. One of the most curious facts was that the walls of some historical building were made with the rests of shells. If I had to describe Cádiz in terms of color, I would choose gold and blue since the sea and the golden reflection of the buildings made an outstanding combination. Around midday, we enjoyed a little break next to the cathedral where there were many people playing instruments and dancing, the environment was great! The most interesting and different place for the students was the market. The little stands were filled with a huge variety of fresh fishes and seafood. The smells and the way everything was disposed was quite shocking for the students since they have never seen anything quite like it.  

Finally, at lunchtime, we had some free time to go to the beach, have something to eat and enjoy Cádiz. The weather was great and even though the sea was cold, some students even dared to swim, they didn't want to miss the chance. By the time to get the bus back to Seville, they were very proud because some of them have even got tanned and they felt like Spaniards. It was the best ending to an amazing day and an exciting week. Let's see how many adventures are waiting for us in the weeks ahead!

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