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Kori Catlin

Kori Catlin

The kiddos of Session II:  Amsterdam, Queer Life and Activism are no longer visitors, or tourists.. We are officially travelers.  Together we have acclimated to this beautiful city, figured out the public transit system, the streets, neighborhoods, and we are even able to give directions to newcomers staying in our hostile.  

I have tried to figure out this blogging thing and give updates to all that we are doing and how we are spending our days, but there is so much more than the places we visit and the things we have done.  

This group, this experience is special, it is different...kind of like us.  Most of us have spent our lives being the one in ten, or the one in fifty, sometimes, the only one in our school.  Here we are a team, a perfect/imperfect group, a family. All of us are different we have come from all over the United States, we have very different backgrounds, very different experiences, yet we all share the one thing that usually sets us apart from everyone.  We are all queer, allies, activists, we recognize that things that make us different are beautiful and we are not fearful of differences, instead we embrace not only our differences, but everyones differences. Tomorrow we travel to Rotterdam to splash our queerness through the Netherlands.


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