Traditional Yucatecan Flavours: Cooking Class

Authored by:
Gabriela Cedeño

Yesterday, our students had the opportunity to learn and enjoy one of the pillars of Mexican culture, gastronomy. They went to a cooking class at ¨Instituto Gastronómico de Mérida¨, where they were received with open arms by the chefs. They learned how to prepare three courses: Sikil Pak for appetizers, Lomitos de Valladolid as the main course, and the traditional Arroz con Leche for dessert.

Sikil Pak is a Mayan-inspired pumpkin seed salsa dip. It´s made with toasted pumpkin seed and roasted tomatoes, considered an alternative to guacamole and hummus. Lomitos de Valladolid is a dish made of pork cooked in a tomato sauce served with boiled egg, usually eaten in taco form. This is a typical dish from Valladolid, a neighbouring  town of Merida. Arroz de Leche is a traditional Mexican dessert, originally from Spain, made with rice, whole milk, condensed and evaporated milk, and cinnamon.

Lomitos de Valladolid


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