Tova's Blog Takeover: Queen of Tianjin

Authored By:

Margot Pinckney

Now this is the story all about how

I explored the history of a place called Tianjin

And id like to take a minute just sit right there

Ill tell you how I became the queen of the fourth mega city


In a city west of Beijing known for being one of the economical centers of China it welcomed me with shining lights, large malls, relaxing water and a beautiful museum of the last emperor of China. Littered with facts about the emperor’s past, the museum showed me how the last emperor’s wife felt hopeless and lonely all brought out by the jealousy of one concubine. Through the look of a glance we saw the inspiration of western clothes on the emperor and a little Italy in China channeled with pictures of roses for people to make there Instagram look amazing. The exposure of western belief influenced the life of China, making it a very globalized city impacted with thousands of name brand products like Starbucks and Gucci. Through the look in of jewelry pop up stores, the beautiful rings, bracelets and earrings it transformed the girl’s minds into a spending rage. Not once, not twice, but we encountered the realm of malls where a Toy r Rus, ice skating ring and pop mart carnival welcomed us into the beautiful megamall. Where we shopped until we dropped the majority of the day. None the less, we saw that a couple of Americans stepped on one person’s slippers and he walked around with barely any shoes on for most of the day.


I pulled up to the Radisson hotel about seven or eight

and I yelled to my group yo homie see you later

look at my kingdom I was finally there

to sit on my throne watching hbo as the Queen of Tianjin


By Tova Marshall