Tian'an Men Square and Imperial Palace

Authored By:

Ru Si

Beijing has served as the capital city for three dynasties over 700 years. It is also the capital city of China today. To better understand it, we went to visit the center of this giant modern city. At the Urban Planning Museum, we saw an overall of city plan with major landmards. Then we walked across the Tian'an Men Square, the politic symbol of the central goverment. In 1949, Chairman Mao declared the establishment of the People's Republic of China Tian'an Men Square, literally transtlated to "the gate of heavenly peace". After passing its giant red doors, we entered the Imperial Palace or Forbidden City, as it was once forbidden for populace. The artchitecture is absolutely stunning. The golden glazed tiles shine under the sun, the red wall buildings decorated with dragons have been standing there for more than seven centuries. As we stand on the elevated terrace and look around, it is not hard to imaging the emperors' life back then. From an odl city to an international metropolitan, Beijing just doesn't stop amazing people.