Before There Were Humans

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Ryan Bosson

Ryan Bosson

Hidden in the urban sprawl of Santo Domingo lies a natural wonder that couldn't be any further juxtaposed to city life--more a land of dinosaurs than humans.  After a morning and lunch in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, we took A 20-minute bus ride from the Colonial Zone to Los tres ojos, or The Three Eyes, cavernous lakes connected through underground passages.

We descended into the passage, carefully hanging on to the side rail, which brought us to the first lake.

Even with a handrail it can be creepy entering a dark cave.
The fresh, crystal-clear water travels through subterranean rivers from SamanĂ¡ in the north-east part of the island. Photo by Ashley 
We slowly floated across the second lake, the sounds of modern life dissipating as we entered deeper into the cave. 
Ashley poses in front of the second lake.
Ashley poses in front of the second lake as the first group makes its way to the other side. 
After the dark passage through the cave, a view of the third lake from a platform under stalactites

Nature is still, quiet and patient. If you sit and listen, you can feel it. You remember these qualities exist within you. Thank you Santo Domingo for preserving this natural wonder in the midsts of your city.  

This group will hold your still, calm presence in our hearts.

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