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Michael McCloskey

Michael McCloskey

Grüße aus Berlin!

In Berlin, students get to participate in a set of workshops that help them experience Berlin in a different way. The first to be featured here on our blog is the theater workshop. The workshop gives global navigators the basics of theater and improv, but ultimately allows them to express sights and cultural perceptions through a theatrical lens. Below, you’ll see a short clip of our global navigators participating in an activity where they were throwing an imaginary ball around the room.

In the theater workshop, students were able to act out the sights and experiences of everyday life in Berlin’s culture. As a program leader, it was interesting to see how each student’s experiences shaped the characters and decisions they made in this Berlin situation. The photos below are snippets of our students improving a scene at a Berlin subway station. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming from Berlin!


Viele Grüße,

Mike, Amanda, Emily, and Aaron


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