Tell me you're in Costa Rica without telling me you're in Costa Rica

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Ellie Bergstrom

These images encapsulate the number one thing that the Global Navigator students have been impressed by so far during the first two days of their trip in Monteverde, Costa Rica, the lush greenery. Whether you're walking to class, washing your hands before lunch, or shooting some hoops on the basketball court, chances are you have some of the most gorgeous green plants you've ever laid eyes on surrounding you. 

Not only are there trees everywhere lining the mountains, but there are plants, on plants, on plants! A lot of the species diversity in these forests comes from the epiphytes, or plants that grow on top of other plants, yet are not parasitic. This means that it's rare to see a bare tree trunk because it is prime surface for a vine, bromeliad, or air plant to thrive, providing infinite shades of green. Also, with an average annual rainfall of almost 3000 mm per year, mosses love this environment too, providing even more greenery to the CIEE campus.

This cohort of high school students comes from diverse areas of the US, where even those who grew up where trees and natural areas are numerous have been taken aback by the sheer volume of green in Monteverde. It's safe to say that these fantastic hues will stick with the participants for years to come as core memories of their time abroad.