Teenage Lifestyle In Botswana

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Marisa Deku

As we were doing an intercultural activity on Thursday one of the students spoke up asking for a chance to see more of what life is like for a teenager in Botswana. Sabie and I assured them their chance was coming, and it did.

The following day we visited a local high school where they spent the morning with students showing them what school is like in Botswana.  They shared amongst each other the different subjects they are studying, their interests in and out of school as well as exchanging contacts in order to stay connected, especially via social media.  They saw the school garden and chicken farm which is part of agricultural studies and is used to feed the students. We finished our visit with a pickup basketball game.  The students didn't want to leave saying it was their best time yet.

We started the weekend camping in the bush, put the cell phones away and the personalities came out. As a leader I was really enjoying the joyful conversations unfolding under the stars around the campfire.  The next day we came back and did some cooking as well as handwashing laundry, which are typical chores on the weekends before the fun begins.  We wrapped up the weekend with a movie at the mall.  This weekend was a chance to see what life is like for someone their age in Botswana, and they got to see it all.