A Tasty Experience: Cooking Class!

Authored by:
Gabriela Cedeño

Mexican food has a lot of variety, especially when it comes to regions. Yucatecan food can´t be compared with any other type of Mexican food and this is because of its Mayan roots. Did you know that the Mayans had a dish per each day of the year? Amazing! 

Yesterday afternoon, the students had the opportunity to cook some of these dishes. For starters, they prepared ¨Sikil-Pak¨, a pumpkin-seed-based dip normally served with tortilla chips. We had two main courses, ¨Lomitos de Valladolid¨, pork in a tomato sauce served with tortilla and hard-boiled egg, and ¨Dzotobichay¨, a variant of a tamal made with chaya leaves. And what would a meal be without dessert! For our last dish, students prepared the traditional ¨Arroz con Leche¨, a dessert found all across Latin America.

Students enjoyed preparing and trying their creations and, hopefully, they will try to make them at home so they can share with their families and loved ones some of the Mexican cuisine. 

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