The Taste of Berlin

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Maria Seewaldt

Maria Seewaldt

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The Taste of Berlin

I’m sure many of you can agree that one of the best parts about travelling to a foreign country is the food. Berlin, in particular, has such a large variety of choices -- from small cafes to gourmet bakeries, convenient food stands to lavish restaurants, you are surrounded by paradise. All the food I have eaten in Berlin so far deserves high praise, but it is safe to say that my favorite meals are the ones made by my host family.

Every day as I come home from school, I am greeted with the scent of a delicious, home-cooked meal, and the food is always displayed in such a professional manner. I am always so impressed by the presentation that I can’t help but take a picture of every dish. These are just a few of the snacks and main courses I have been blessed with.

I have taken so many pictures by now that I am considering making a photo album just to honor all of the tasty food my host family has made!

On this particular Sunday morning, I was astounded by the arrangement of the food that I saw before me. Just by looking at this photo, I am taken back to the sweet aroma of the freshly-brewed coffee. I hear the crisp bread crackling softly as it imitates the sound of a fireplace, and I can taste the creaminess of the butter as it melts in my mouth. I feel the tenderness of the strawberries as they stain my hands red. And I remember the sadness I felt when I looked down at my plate and realized there was no more food left to eat :(

My experience here in Berlin has been absolutely unforgettable, and it saddens me that we only have one day more. I will miss my host family, my friends at CIEE, the program leaders, and of course, this beautiful city. But on the bright side, I now have some brand new recipes to bring back to my home in the states!

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