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Bridgette Claery

Bridgette Claery


Another update from PL Bridgette of what is going on in Ferrara, Italy! Students went to a workshop to practice Tai Chi with both Roberta, our program coordinator who is a student of Tai Chi, and Fabio, a master Tai Chi artist! Tai Chi is a style of Chinese Martial Arts, born as a technique of defensive training and for it's health benefits. One major component about Tai Chi is the feeling of being connected to both your body and that of your opponent, and through your breathe and movements you can achieve significant stress managament benefits. You, of course, look pretty cool doing it as well! Students had a blast practicing the movements and learning to be more in tune with your body.

Monica vs. Isabelle!
Luis vs. Fabio!
Ileana vs. Monica!
Daniella vs. Monica!
Michael vs. Gabe
Cindy vs. Roberta
Everyone vs. Fabio!



- PL Bridgette

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