Sustainable Water

Authored By:

Margot Pinckney

Today was a busy day for our Discoverers. We switched the usual schedule to have a field trip in the morning. The students explored the Qing He (Qing River) and learned about China’s efforts to filter sewage water and maintain clean public spaces. Later, we had lunch on a boat in the 6th floor of a mall. Ana took some great pictures (see the gallery above) before we had spicy potatoes, chicken in hoisin sauce, glass noodles, and spicy chicken.

Later, the students had Survival Chinese class with Chang Laoshi. They learned how to describe what food and drink they wanted, then played a game listening to and identifying tones, a key component of the Chinese language. Connor said “I love this part” when the tone game began!

In content class with Keoni, the students learned more about the water issues in China. The students enjoyed Keoni’s extensive knowledge on the topic, listening and taking notes throughout the class.

To end the day, we had Sichuan style food and stopped into a grocery store for snacks. It was raining, but the walk allowed us to have all sorts of interesting discussions!