Survival Italian

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Katie Amanda Smith

Katie Amanda Smith

Today was the last class of survival Italian! 

Because of their busy schedules our students have only had time for a crash course in the most useful Italian for tourists: greetings, asking for food and drinks, asking for directions and something especially useful for our kids: shopping!

Rome is catching up with the thrift shop culture and more sustainable second hand and vintage shops are popping up. 

Today we visited some of them and browsed the racks for some goodies while using our Italian skills to ask for sizes, colours and different garments. 

The survival Italian classes have given our students a chance to learn the most useful vocabulary for a trip to Italy, and to actually put it into practice. The other day teacher Lucia put the students to the test with a scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood of Monti. 

Each team had a list of places to find and challenges to complete, which forced them to ask for directions and luckily the locals were more than happy to help! That’s not to say they had a good sense of direction, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit lost every now and again! 

Another of our lessons ended on a very sweet note as the students were sent to a café and could order a drink or snack using their new gastronomical words and of course the all important per favore and grazie, which go a long way in any language. 

Our students enjoyed their caffè freddo, succo di arancia and cappuccino even more having gone to the effort of ordering in Italian! Bravissimi!!



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